Jeremiah Worrell Music seeks to share and impart knowledge, wisdom, and experience in music ministry excellence to empower, advance, and improve the music ministry of the church through workshops, panel discussions, consultation, hands-on training, and ministry opportunities. Using God-given gift, and ample experience, JWM promotes Christ by promoting a better understanding of the power of music and music ministry within the church as it relates to choirs, praise teams, and instrumentalists. We seek to bridge the gap between traditional mainstay and current trends, while creating an atmosphere that is conducive for ministry at both ends of the spectrum. We seek to collaborate with Ministers of Music, Praise and Worship Leaders, and Pastors to create effective music ministry in the local church that lasts, evolves, blesses, and exemplifies excellence in every detail.


        1. Workshops – Times of teaching and impartation used to speak to specific issues or give general admonishment and instruction regarding the purpose and forward movement of music ministry in the church
        2. Panel Discussions – Bringing fresh perspective to open discussions regarding wide-reaching issues, concerns, and questions within music ministry at large
        3. Consultations – Providing specialized, careful assessment and instruction for specific houses of worship as it relates to their music ministry presentation, organization, hierarchical structure, and overall sound
        4. Hands-On Training – Music teaching, song preparation, and vocal training for choirs, praise teams, and background vocals through rehearsals and/or sectionals for specific events
        5. Ministry Opportunities – Sharing in song for services and events (praise and worship, or guest psalmist)