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This blog will be brief….I think.

This week I watched a group of three church musicians pull together with little to no notice and completely smash an entire conference, day services, night services, and rehearsals every single day.  In spite of the fact that they were thrown into a situation that was created by the laxed attitude of those who were supposed to have the event covered, I watched these guys play as if they were booked months in advance, and paid ample for their services ahead of time.  They had completely pleasant attitudes, they were on time everyday, and they even helped us praise, not just on the instruments, but when it got real good to them, they got up from the instruments and gave God their own praise.

I want to give you the magnitude of what they were asked to do, literally the few days before the event.  They had to learn or refresh approximately 30 songs between praise and worship, choir selections, and guest artists.  Not once did they complain that it was “too much”, nor did they flub any song….every single song was played with complete excellence, from introduction, to timing, to approach, to execution of every change.  If there was an issue, they made it known up front.  They didn’t wait until 5 minutes before service to say “I don’t know that”, or “I didn’t get that song”, knowing full well that they did.

Not only were they excellent in their presentation, they were anointed.  There is a difference between learning a song and playing skillfully under the anointing.  Any choir director, praise and worship leader, or pastor can tell you that there is a completely different feel when the musicians are tapped into the anointing on a regular basis.  This can only be birthed by a relationship with God. A musician’s relationship with God comes across in their anointed musicianship.

All in all, the band’s faithfulness and commitment to God’s work can be summed up with this statement. When one of the musicians was asked to serve at the last minute, he responded “I’m not going to let the conference go lacking.”  What if we all had that mindset when it came to God’s work?  What if we all treated God’s work as if it was God’s work? What if we all believed that our ministry or talent or our resources was God’s and not our own?

In addition to completely outstanding instrumentalists, I was blessed to serve alongside minstrels who sang until their voices gave out, praised until they could no longer stand, and worked together to produce a sound of worship that permeated the atmosphere in every single service. What a week!!!

Did I mention that this was a youth conference?  And that the people I’m speaking of were all youth and young adults?  There were older and more seasoned ministrels who had the resources and even the responsibility to assist this conference, and they dropped the ball and left it all up to us to carry out alone.  And we did it.  God got all the glory, and we are the better for it.

What am I saying? I’m not sure. It’s late (currently 1:30am) and I’m tired and have a long day tomorrow as well.  But I promised I’d blog more. So let’s sum it up with this.  We spend so much time talking about the unfaithful and lazy musicians and singers in church, and we sometimes wonder where the dedicated servants are, especially among young adults and millennials.  Well, I can officially tell you from experience: THEY EXIST. WE EXIST.  We’re just waiting on our turn.  But when God unleashes us……