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I’m writing this blog post to help you non-creatives deal with us. We can be a hard nut to crack. I think that the only thing more difficult than dealing with a creative is getting a group of us together in one room with no buffer (non-creatives). Whether musicians, painters, decorators, stylists, writers, or the like, there is a set of codes and ethics you should employ when dealing with any creative. These tips are meant to give insight into who we are and why we are the way we are. Let. Me. Help. You.

We Often Think We Know More Than We Do

If you’re not careful, we’ll convince you that the sky is green, because from our vantage point, it is.

We Often Need Help Organizing

Our brains can be like an episode of Hoarders unless we also have the gift of administration. We often need help getting our creative vision into a manageable and palatable state.

To Us, There Are No Limits

Extreme creatives can usually imagine their way into and out of anything. There’s no limit to what we can create when given the time and space.

Sometimes We Just Need Space

There are moments where we just need to be alone to deal with our thoughts and feelings. We wear our creativity deep within, and sometimes, that process can be gruesome for us and everyone around us.

We Often Feel Misunderstood

We very seldom feel as though we fit into the norms of society, or even sometimes with our closest friends and associates. Our lives are usually pretty lonely because of it.

We Often Feel Under Appreciated

Because of the constant creative flow, we often feel that our full potential is not realized by others. We hate to be boxed in to one thing or one dimension of our creativity. This often creates friction and frustration.

We Have a Hard Time Making Decisions

We often see many ways to do one thing.  We also second guess ourselves a lot. Pinning us down to one decision for any lengthy period of time can prove near impossible unless we learn to become more resolute in our decision-making.

We Share God’s Original Trait

In the beginning, God created. We are fortunate enough to share this trait with the Ultimate Creator. Our gifts are God given for the benefit of those around us. When used properly, and appreciated fully, our gifts can impact the world.