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Happy New Year! As we start off the year many of us make new year’s resolutions for our personal lives or even for our ministries. While resolutions are commonly discarded by the end of the first month of the year (at least that’s what Google says), I believe that resolutions, goals, or benchmarks are as important in ministry as they are in our personal lives. Leaders, and specifically music ministry leaders, this is a fine time to to fine tune your music ministry for the year. Refocus, rebrand, rebuild, regroup, refresh, restore, renew, reinvigorate, reignite, re… get my point. 🙂

Here’s what I call a few “foundational pillars” that your ministry must be built on in order for it to succeed. While some of them are more crucial than others, depending on your ministry profile and structure, they all hold importance for succesful music ministry. You can carry these with you into 2018 and beyond.


“Without a vision, the people perish.”  There’s no way around it.  In order to have a great music ministry, vision must be clearly established and accurately executed.  People work more intently, more cooperatively, and more productively when they know where their work is taking them.

Follow Through

Vision is not enough if implementation is lacking.  There must be a plan to go with every vision, and then those in authority must have the wherewithal to actually make the vision and plan work.  You will lose everything if you are full of vision but devoid of plans for follow through.


Find what niche your music department has, and work that niche.  Don’t ever copy or model your style or approach exactly like any other church or music ministry.  While inspiration is important, if you don’t bring your own unique ideas to the forefront, your music ministry will always be a carbon copy of someone else’s innovation.

Consistent Excellence

Leaders must always push the ministry to excel and grow.  If lacklustre is acceptable from the overall ministry, then it will become the norm with the ministry members.  No hits and misses.  There must be a regular regimen that leads to excellence in musicianship, presentation, and behind-the-scenes workmanship.

Care and Concern

Music ministry members give of their time, service, and talent, often making many sacrifices to make the vision of the church, the music ministry, and its leaders work.  Without the sacrifices of the members, music ministry does not exist.  You must find ways, multiple ways, varied ways, to appreciate your members for their hard work, and to sympathize with them when they need support.

A Place for Everyone

Music ministries that only allow recording artist level members will never succeed in appealing to the masses of the church population.  Church members have varying levels of musical aptitude.  While some people are not called to music ministry, there should be a place for professional singers and musicians to be pushed to their maximum, and for less than perfect singers and musicians to be used at their level.

I look forward to what God will do through the music ministry in His church at large this year. Let’s get on track, stay on track, and even build some new track!

2018 is yours: what will you do with it?

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